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8 Surprising Uses For Botox

Botox is no more confined to fashionistas and has gained popularity amongst every individual who wants to get rid of those scary frown lines, wrinkles and creases.  Botox treatment uses injections botulinum toxin which works wonders in not just one thing. Botox helps in achieving more than just a smooth and wrinkle free skin. Many doctors or plastic surgeons are using Botox not only for treating wrinkle, but also to treat many other conditions. Here you can find such eight surprising uses for Botox that has made this treatment effective for more than just removing wrinkles.

1)    Twitching Eyes – Botox treatment has shown results in curing the twitching eye problem or blepharospasm that causes the muscle around the eyes to twitch. A Patient suffering from uncontrollable blinking can suffer from distress, resulting in dry eyes.

2)    Painful Sex – Many women suffer from very painful intercourse, and it is the reason botox must enter the bedroom to make things smooth. Botox treatment helps in loosening the tense or irritated muscles. The injections must be taken once in three months and is relatively painless procedure.

3)    Squinting – Eye specialists have found the Botox injections useful in treating the squint eyes. Botox helps in balancing the muscles of the eye that enables to remove the squint. It is a useful procedure for those adults who could not treat it during their childhood.

4)    Weight Loss – If you are trying to lose weight and have not yet succeeded, you can go for Gastric Botox. It is an endoscopic procedure which helps in relaxing muscles of the stomach to make the patient feel full quickly and for a long time. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and is an outpatient treatment.

5)    Overactive Bladder – Doctors have studied its effect on various parts of the body that has muscle control. When a patient’s bladder muscle becomes overly active, it causes frequent urination. Sometimes, it is possible that they don’t reach the toilet in time. It is a distressful condition and difficult to treat. The injections of the toxin directly into the bladder wall can be effective, and the patient can lead a normal life.

6)    Extreme Sweating – Patients undergoing Botox treatment found that they sweated less in the affected areas. Hence, Doctors have used this technique to treat people who suffer from excessive sweat. Such people resort ways like using cream and even surgery to get rid of this problem. Botox as been proven to be one of the best and safest hyperhidrosis treatment and also eliminating the need for surgery.

7)    Migraines – It is observed in many patients who went for Botox as a cosmetic enhancement procedure experienced migraines less often. They have even reduced their medication and in some cases migraines got better too.

8)    Depression – Botox is useful in treating the patients with depression. Doctors have used Botox injections in the forehead where muscles connect to the brain. It helps in preventing negative emotions to develop that may result in depression. So if you or your friend is suffering from depression, Botox may be a real option.