Improving The Safety And Efficacy Of Botox Injections


The Botox have the good and the bad side – at first, it’s treated like the holy grail of anti-aging where you could erase the wrinkles with a few shots. After a while, pictures and news starts to come out, featuring the ‘frozen foreheads’ and shiny skin – and the worse part that it happens even among the celebs. And now, new insights and development have been promising to understand how it works and the efficacy of using Botox shots for the skin.

Current findings and understanding how botulinum neurotoxins interacts with the cells is indeed helping the scientists and beauty experts alike to develop a safer approach when using the drug, as well as knowing how botulism can happen to your body, by designing certain inhibitors or antibodies that can work their way to bind the receptors to prevent any unwanted interaction.

Side effects of Botox can be dangerous to your life and that includes problems with swallowing, breathing, or speaking as the toxins is spreading to other parts unintentionally, due to the weakening of related muscles and nerves. Plus the fact that these neurotoxins can last quite long in your body (though the effects can wear off), you need to be extra careful if you’re taking too much, too frequently.

Though reported side effects is until now is extremely low, the findings is considered to be essential as nowadays you’re not using Botox for wrinkles and sagging eyelids – stroke, overactive bladder’s syndrome, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, and even depression use Botox as part of the treatment.

The bacteria used in Botox is known as Clostridium botulinum and produces neurotoxins, which means it binds themselves to our neurons and releasing toxin inside the cell, triggering a domino-like reaction where it stops acetylcholine from being produced, a neurotransmitter essential to signal the nerve to form a muscle – too much of it, or at the wrong place like your lungs can be fatal.

So yeah, the trait of preventing certain muscle to move can be helpful, especially with aging skin when used correctly. The key is to choose the right doctor that is experience in these risky procedures so you can avoid being one of the unfortunates.

And now, with the latest insights concerning with Botox is now being addressed, we can be assure that you’ll have a peace with your mind, should you need to get the shot, sooner or later.

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